Space is for all.

No small minds: we only think big.

We work best with clients who work well with others. That means accepting everyone, regardless of age, color, disability, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

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Pardon Our Stardust

Test flights in progress

We believe the truly perfect plan has still yet to launch, so we believe in iteration: try something, and if it’s not catastrophic, try it again.

We’re still finalizing our flight plans, so we apologize for any loose bolts.

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work in

  • Design & Branding

  • Websites

  • Machine Learning

  • Mobile Apps

  • Digital Products

  • LLMs and Machine Learning

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Machine Learning

Custom Integrations

Design Systems

Digital Media

Cloud Lifts

Software Development

MarTech Solutions



Internet of Things

We love working with

  • Programming Languages

    • Python

    • Go(lang)

    • Typescript

    • PHP

    • Rust

    • C#

    • HTML/CSS

    • SQL

    • C

    • Perl

    • Ruby

    • Scala

  • Frameworks

    • React

    • Django

    • WordPress

    • GraphQL

    • Drupal

    • Headless CMS

    • Next.JS

    • Gatsby

  • Technologies

    • IoT

    • Kubernetes

    • Google Cloud

    • AWS

    • Azure

    • Docker

    • Serverless

    • CI/CD

    • Machine Learning

    • Blockchain

    • Kafka

    • Storybook

Ready for launch

Our primary mission is your mission’s success.

Mission-critical means moving forward, sticking to the launch schedule and working the plan from start to finish: looking upward and thinking forward.

Our custom approach to mission planning, along with careful and consistent delivery, will lift your project into the stratosphere.

Mission Checklist

Each mission is iterative, explorative and quantitive. We develop a long-range mission plan, and hone each milestone as we go.

Flight Plan

Each launch starts with a flight plan: a set of maneuvers and miletstones that equals a successful mission. We’ll discuss metrics, budget, resources and timelines and define key markers to measure success from mission begin to end.


Using state-of-the-art technology, we engineer outstanding infrastructure and design interstellar digital experiences. Adhering to agile software practices, we brainstorm and test all throughout the development process.

Test Flights

Your work is mission-critical: a failed launch has massive impact. We will test every component of your mission, using automation and manual testing to maintain a 100% success rate.


Not only do we make sure your launch is on-time and on-target, we work with you to ensure the long-term effectiveness of any mission. Our goal is to ensure your project is in-flight for as long as possible.

Mission Engagements

Add us as lift to your current launch or project, or engage us to create a long-term mission plan.

We boost great brands

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most amazing brands in the galaxy.

We continue to work with them because we do some of the most amazing work on earth.

Previous Missions

The space part I get but...

What’s with the hippo?

Adorable and ferocious, the Hippopotamus has been the inspiration for our organization since before it was founded.

As an experiment, our mission directors met and asked themselves a simple question: “what’s the most outrageous and impossible mission we could accomplish?” The first answer, of course, was to launch a hippopotamus into space.

If we can solve even the third item on our list, then we’re one step closer to making the impossible come true. Until then, we’ll continuing pushing the envelope of what is possible.

No space for hate.

We believe that freedom of speech is core to a healthy democracy. We also believe that discrimination is abhorrent and a direct threat to both those principles.

The US Supreme Court’s decision in 303 Creative v. Elenis, U.S. (2023) has effectively legalized discrimination, and another signal of the court’s indifference and intolerance.

If 303 Creative is allowed to deny clients based on their convictions, then so are we. We refuse to work with anyone who denies the rights or diminishes the validity of any human being.

We’re an exploration  agency.

We’re here for
”it’s never been done.“

Our team excels at creating new products and elevating existing ones. We have years of experience in producing products and campaigns across all kinds of business domains. We’ve worked with everyone from recoring legends to fast-food titans because we love to explore.

We’re also polyglots who believe that the right technology is more important than the most comfortable. We train on new languages, frameworks, technologies and hardware constantly to keep our flight-ready status.

Our unqiue blend of experience coupled with our driving curiosity makes us a true Exploration Agency.

40+ (and counting) programming languages we’ve used in production environments:


We believe Open Source Software is crucial to proper exploration. Whenever possible, we try and give back to the OSS community.

Here’s what we’re working on in the lab.

Your mission, awaiting liftoff.

If you never press the launch button, you’ll never know how high you can go.


We elevate digital experiences to dizzying new heights.

We aim to continually explore new and exciting technology.

We’re powered by a desire to leave nothing unimagined or unexplored.

We build interstellar tools to boost stellar brands.

We are 

Thanks for exploring

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Download a copy of Space Hippo’s Brand Navigation Handbook.

Use our Style Guide as a guide to create your own.